MindBody Shop…

Come into our shop in Forest Hill, SE23 to have a browse. We now have many more items than we used to! Such as incense including the popular Nag Champa and its ‘children’ Nag Meditation, Nag Forest and more. Also Soya Candles; Massage oil; Chakra stones; Chakra jewellery; Salt lamps; Epsom salts; Himalayan salt for the bath; Oil burners; Crystal cards….and the list goes on, you’ll just have to pop in to see. Now also featuring Kerrly copper jewellery and Wisp creations jewellery, both hand made locally.


Room sprays – Devon continues to mix and blend his products and make intention sprays and he has just added a new one called Faith which is already a hit!. The others include; Holy Wisdom; Calm; Master; Love; Cleansing. Come into the centre and smell the different fragrances or look at the names, to choose which would best serve you for your life. If you have ever been into the centre you would have felt the ambience that these fragrances can create, made so that as soon as people walk in, they feel at ease and ready to relax.

They have a beautiful, wonderful, calming and peaceful aroma. Originally made for space clearing, the sprays can induce a tranquil energy into your atmosphere. For those who want to do a bit of space clearing, it is used clockwise around the room, then into the areas which you need to cleanse, starting at the door and then each corner of the room, ending back at the door, then spray above your head to clear your own energy with good intention. In most places you cannot use smoke to smudge the space, particularly in work situations, so these sprays go a long way to replacing that. NB. We also do oil burners for similar effects and sell charcoal and smudge sticks for clearing.

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