Our Signature Treatments…

Some of our signature treatments include Deep Tissue & Sports Massage; Caribbean Heat Massage; Fitness Body Stretch Massage and MindBody Tuning. We have therapists who have seen people from sports injuries; back pain; knee issues; sciatica; rsi; neck, shoulder pain; hip alignment to runners & cyclists needing to improve their flexibility and performance. Call us to book your appointment or a free 15min consultation with one of our therapists to see how they could help you.


We sell incense, crystals, essential oils, candles, burners, room cleansers, Himalayan bath salts, Epsom bath salts and also sell a range of copper jewellery coming out of our use of copper for aches and pains. We also sell Emily products recommended by our acupuncturist for skin conditions.


People have started to use it and like it! Using it just before a massage session seems to be popular at the moment but you can just come in to use the sauna. Also the shower is now available.

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Karen, Devon and all the Team