MB Fit Classes


We are in the process of changing where we hold our classes, which means a reschedule of classes and workshops in the interim. Please still book and pay at the centre but we are using a spcae behind us. Come out of centre, turn right, then right again for entrance on Kemble Road. Keep an eye on the timetable for changes in classes and any new ones coming along.

These classes are in line with our ethos to work on the whole body as some of our sports and remedial therapists already go through stretches and exercises for their clients and this is an extension to help people correct their posture; strengthen their core muscles; lose weight; realign and/or heal. We hope you make the most of them.

Due to the smaller classes, your teacher will have more time to ensure you are doing the moves properly and that your posture is correct throughout the class thus catering for injuries; pregnancy or restoring health & balance. All classes are Open which means they are suitable for everyone and can be tailored for beginners or advanced for each person, showing different moves accordingly. We provide the mats so just come along in comfortable clothing and start!

If you are a teacher and would like to know more about using the space, please email in and/or download the form


To book and pay for classes, please call the centre on 020 3417 6108 or come in and pay at the desk. Classes are limited, so please book and if you cannot make it please let us know so someone else can take your space.


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If you ready to experience the benefits of our Fitness Classes call or book your first session.