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New to MindBody Beauty! NEW TREATMENT - Diamond Peel Dermabrasion for fine lines; wrinkles; dull skin; pigmentation; acne scarring; stretch marks...make a more beautiful you.

Spa Pamper Parties

We can cater for daytime spa or weekend parties if booked in advance (subject to pre-booked rooms/sauna). Please email in your requests and we’ll see how we can make your day or evening really special for you. See Offers for the latest packages and deals.

Beauty Treatments package bundles



Pre Holiday Prep

£70 (approx 120 mins)

1/2 leg and bikini wax

Eyebrow shape

45min Pedicure

30min Manicure



Party Prep

£80 (approx 135 mins)

1/2 leg wax

Brazilian wax

Eyebrow shape

30min Manicure

Lash & Brow tint

Looking for beauty treatments in Forest Hill? Our beauty therapists are available on particular days and can get busy, so do try and pre-book, especially when there are special offers on!

Products used – Neals Yard Organics plus Juliette Armand for facial results using the dermabrasion techniques. If you are not sure about which treatment you would like or the products, book in for a FREE 15 minute consultation so that a treatment can be tailor made for you.

Click each treatment to see the description and price

Hot Stone Massage (see MASSAGE page for other Massages)

£60 (60 mins)

Full body, front and back

£80 (90 mins)

Full body, front and back as well as feet, head and hands


Hot Stone Face Massage

£35 (30 mins)

An ancient tradition, healers used rocks from the river bed using coal or hot water to heat, to help relax the muscles, reduce pain or discomfort, boosting a healing process. The stones are used for heat and to go deeper into the muscles to pamper, promote healing and give a sense of deep relaxation and well being.

MindBody Anti-Cellulite Detox Treatment

This treatment helps to target problem areas that need detoxifying.

It starts off with a 15 min FAR sauna & use of shower room. Dry body brushing is then included, stimulating the desired areas ready for our special MindBody Pre Blended “Detox oil” to be applied to your body.

Different invigorating massage techniques are used to help the breakdown of fatty tissues followed by a light lymphatic drainage massage to encourage the elimination of toxins from the body.

This treatment will stimulate lymphatic system and improve uneven skin texture leaving you ready and confident for the summer period or any special occasion.

Possible problem areas;        

The back (shoulders, backs of arms, thigh and calfs)

Lower body. (Front and back of thighs and calfs)

*See benefits of FAR Infrared sauna.

We recommended to book a course of 3 consecutive treatments for a noticeable difference to your skins texture.

£50 (60 mins)


MindBody Back Cleanse

MindBody Back Cleanse, designed for both men and women, it is a great way to restore the skin by helping eliminate impurities, back acne, skin bumps, blocked pores all of which could be a result of excessive exercising, eating unhealthy foods & more.

Treatment includes a cleanse, tone, exfoliation, steam, two masks finished off with a refreshing moisturiser.

Leaving your back feeling and looking great.

This treatment is great preparation for skin on show in spring & summer time.


£39 (45 mins)


MindBody Skin Glow (Body Scrub)

MindBody Skin Glow is a full body invigorating scrub treatment that can leave your skins appearance looking brighter, younger and healthier … ultimately a gorgeous glow!

Your treatment will consist of a dry body brushing, full body exfoliation, use of shower room & ending with a hydrating body oil applied to your skin.

It’s now time to say good bye to dead dull lifeless skin!

Benefits include;

Boosting blood circulation and skin renewal

Removes dead skin cells

Helps the appearance of the skin

Preventing future breakouts

Minimizes hyper-pigmentation

Looking great in that dress or swimwear… ready for any occasion!

£42 (45 mins)

TOP UP offer – include a 30mins or more beauty treatment & receive a 10% off discount. Only one offer at a time.


Spray Tanning (Crazy Angel)

Spray tanning is a great option for those of you who want to achieve an effortless flawless tanned look! Product suited to all skin types and tones. Be sure to stay tanned all year round helping you to ‘look good, feel good’


£22 (30 mins start to finish)

See Special Offers for any deals or packages


Facials - Dermabrasion (diamond peel - DP)

£39 (30 mins)

Beauty Boost Facial

cleanse, tone, DP treatment, cooling mask, moisturise

£49 (45 mins)

Rejuvenating Facial 

cleanse, tone, DP treatment, cooling mask, scalp massage with oils, moisturise

£59 (60 mins)

Luxury Facial

1st treatment (consult & treatment)

cleanse, tone, DP treatment, cooling mask, neck, shoulder, scalp massage with oils OR foot massage, moisturise

Diamond Peel Dermabrasion is ideal for:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • Acne scarring
  • Enlarged pores and dull skin
  • Congested skin
  • Exfoliation prior to Naturasun self tanning


This is a non-surgical procedure that removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. The appearance of newer skin cells means a more youth-full looking and brighter complexion after just one session.

This is an incredibly popular treatment, best-loved for its immediate and long- lasting results. To get the most out of Diamond Peel Dermabrasion, a course of treatment is recommended.


10% discount for block of 6  or  15% discount for block of 10

Choose from 30mins each; 45mins each or 1 hour each. Totals includes discount. Fully payable when course is booked. To be used within 6 months (course of 6) or a year (course of 10). Only one offer at a time.

30 Minute Treatments

Course of 6

£210.60 (each one £35.10)

Course of 10

£331.50 (each one £33.15)

45 Minute Treatments

Course of 6

£264.60 (each one £44.10)

Course of 10

£416.50 (each one £41.65)

60 Minute Treatments

Course of 6

£318.60 (each one £53.10)

Course of 10

£501.50 (each one £50.15)

Facials - NYR Organic

£59 (75 mins)

Total Luxury Facial

cleanse, tone, exfoliate, hot towel or steam treatment, mask, moisturise, face massage, neck, shoulder, head massage

£49 (60 mins)

Radiance Full Relaxation Facial

cleanse, tone, exfoliate, hot towel or steam treatment, mask, moisturise, face massage

£39 (45 mins)

Deep Cleansing Facial

cleanse, tone, exfoliate, moisturise, hot towel or steam

£30 (30 mins)

Facial Express

cleanse, tone, exfoliate, moisturise for quick radiance

Male Facials

£50 (60 mins)

Male Deluxe Facial

£70 (90 mins)

Male Total Luxury Facial & Back Massage

Eyebrow & Lash Treatments


Eyebrow Tint



Eyelash Tint


Lash & Brow Tint


(30 mins)


(45 mins)

Cluster lashes


Eyebrow shape (waxing)


Add Brow tint







Half Set

NB. Allergy 48hr patch testing may be required – it is the client responsibility to book it in beforehand.

Manicures & Pedicures - NYR Organic

£30 (60 mins)

Full Luxury NYR Manicure

file, cuticle work, paint incl hand massage and exfoliation or mask with hot mittens or paraffin wax

£39 (60 mins)

Full Luxury NYR Pedicure

foot soak, hard skin removed, cuticle work, exfoliation/mask with hot mittens or wax, foot & calf massage, file, paint

£19 (30 mins)

Manicure NYR express

file, cuticle work, paint

£32 (45 mins)

Pedicure NYR

foot soak, hard skin removed, cuticle work, foot massage, file, paint

£7 add on

Gel nails


£5 add on

Soak off


£30 (30 mins)

Callus Peel

Can eliminate cracks, callousness and dead skin. No use of blades or dry files, a relaxing treatment with immediate results. Hello to smooth, soft and silky feet.

Waxing (hair removal) - Strip Wax / Hot Wax - Lycon Wax

Arm 1/2


Arm 1/2

& U/arm


Arm – Full


Arm – Full

& U/arm





– Regular



Extended – High



Runway – G-string



Brazilian OR Hollywood






Full Face




 Lip and Chin



1/2 upper or lower


Leg 1/2

and Bikini (regular)


Leg 3/4


Leg – Full


Leg – Full

and Bikini (regular)








Eyebrow shape


NB.  Please do not use the centre sauna or hot shower after waxing.

Mens Grooming

We are now catering for Men’s Waxing in Forest Hill, which we’ve been aiming to do for a while. So come back, all you guys who asked if we do mens waxing etc!! Also see above if you want a manicure, pedicure, facial or body treatment.


B BEAUTY MENS FACIAL shutterstock_73861453


£25 Strip Wax


£23 Strip Wax



Back & Shoulder Wax


£9 Strip Wax



£19 (30 mins)

Full Male Manicure

file, cuticle work, hand massage, buff

£32 (45 mins)

Full Male Pedicure

foot soak, hard skin removed, cuticles tidied, foot massage, file, buff


Our Beauty therapists offer a range of treatments for men and women from £5. We offer you a FREE 15 minute consultation if you would like to see how our beauty therapists can help you. See the individual prices with each beauty treatment.


If you ready to experience the benefits of Beauty Treatments call or book your first session.