Power Up your Life Jan 2018 – Ladies workshop session

Some of you ladies may remember Karen running her ladies nights – well its back for January 2018! Inviting all women (over 21) to a “Power Up for 2018 – I Can Do It!” session

Date: Thursday 11th January 2018
Time: 6pm to 9pm
Investment: £10 each
Location: At centre (or Catford)

“What do you want to attract for 2018? Come along to discuss and kickstart your goals for the year, start your journal / vision board and be given tools to help you stay on track and keep OPP at bay. So many people have asked for this, so if supported we can do more sessions throughout the year.” Karen

Limited spaces. First 5 people to book & pay (new to Karen) will receive a FREE 30mins follow up Coaching call in February 2018 to help you stay on track. To book and pay call the centre on 02034176108.

Look out for more information to come, on the website.
Email: karenburkeservices@sky.com

~Karen Burke

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More about the workshop…

We’ll discuss:

  • Your GOALS
  • How to start your journal / Vision board and keep adding to it
  • What’s stopping you
  • Tools to help you stay on track
  • How to deal with OPP (Other People’s Power/Position/Perception/Priorities)

Or whatever else is on your mind as we often move into other areas which are key for the majority of ladies on the night.


Play work before the session:

  • Buy or bring your journal / notepad – start with your top 3 – 5 goals for the year
  • Start pulling together pictures; images; words which represent your goals (whether on literal paper or on your laptops – bring along)
  • Bring your colouring pens or highlighters


Further tool kit to buy:

Look out next year, for my new e-book around setting goals, what’s stopping you and tools to help you stay on track.